The Trinity

Here is my newest big canvas piece. It features my three favorite musicians: Tom Waits Nick Cave & Trent Reznor (The Trinity).


Alberta Venture

Here is one of the portraits I did recently for Alberta Venture magazine. I'll be a featured contributor in their new issue.


CAA Feature

Here is the first of a bunch of new illustrations I've done over the last few weeks. CAA magazine will be featuring this illustration alongside an article about cars in the future.


The Rise Of Illustration

I just read a great article, interviewing the founder of 3x3 magazine. Its about illustration's push for recognition in mass media.


Busy Bee

Holy man I'm busy! I've gotten some pretty good jobs lately. More on that score later. Here is a look at a piece I finished a week or two ago for Maisonneuve magazine. Maisonneuve and I have a great history together. It was for a series of illustrations of past canadian Prime Ministers that I did for Maisonneuve, that I won Gold at 2003's National Magazine Awards. I'm really happy to be doing new work with them and I can't wait to see it in print. Keep an eye out for the new issue.