Boomer Portrait

I was commissioned to do this portrait for a guy's retirement party. I can paint baby boomers too.



I just got the confirmation - I'll be putting on an event at Nuit Blanche! Be sure to circle October 1rst on your calendar.


Nuit Blanche

My idea for a Nuit Blanche exhibit has just been short-listed. Nuit Blanche is a city-wide art exhibit that will run all night on October 1. Last year's show was the best thing I've ever see Toronto put on. I can't say what my own idea is yet - its still top secret. My collaborator Jesse Ewles and I are just sending some further clarifications to the city. If they like what they hear, we'll be running an installation in Zone A. Keep your fingers crossed


Canadian Lawyer illustration

This sweet baby will be appearing in the new issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine.


Vote For Me

I entered one of my portrait paintings in Saatchi Gallery's latest showdown competition. Click on the link below to vote for me. After you click the link, click "See Images for the Next Showdown Round", then click "Click Here To See More Images", then click "Next" until you find a thumbnail of the portrait attached to this post.

I love you all.

Saatchi Showdown!


Applied Arts Awards Annual

I've just received word that my Lincoln series (done for Boston globe) will be in July's Applied Arts' Photography/Illustration awards annual. The awards this year will have an accompanying exhibit. I'll post more about this in the coming months.


New CAPIC Board Member

Tonight, I was elected to the Board of the Toronto chapter of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators In Communications). I have a number of new ideas I'll be bringing up at the next board meeting in a few weeks. I'll be sure to blog about them here soon.