Sketch Art 1

I sketched this, along with a few other images, while brainstorming for a larger project.  I liked them so much, I had to share them.  When I tried to post them all together, blogger got the formatting all fucked up.  So instead, I suggest you visit my facebook fan page to see the rest.  New style in the works?


Nikki Awesome & The Royal Society

I shot this for Nikki Awesome a while back.  Her and I edited it together later.  My blog's cropping it here so, check out Nikki's Youtube, to view the thing properly.


Lorenzo (The Magnificient) Medici

Lorenzo was the handsome, intelligent grandson of Cosimo Medici, who had set his family up as master manipulators of the renaissance Florentine republic.  The family's power base was in banking and the Medici bank, for a time, handled the money for the Catholic Church.  However when Lorenzo refused a loan to Pope Sixtus IV, the Pope initiated a conspiracy to kill Lorenzo and his younger brother, Juliano, successfully killing the later.  The Pope intended to send out the king of Naples to humble Florence after this failed attempt on Lorenzo's life but Lorenzo rode to Naples, risking his life to meet with the king, successfully pleading his case and saving the city.


Henry VIII

Here's the 2nd piece in my series of historical portraits.  Henry VIII.

Henry VIII

Henry was like a bad ass, medieval version of Orson Welles - "He ran through women and ate like a beast".  He had almost every Chancellor who ever worked for him executed, some highlights include Cardinal Woolsey, Thomas Moore and Oliver Cromwell.  Henry defied the power of the pope, setting himself up as the supreme head of the church in England, founding the Anglican church.  He is also considered the grandfather of the British Navy.